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 SSBA Trade Rules

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PostSubject: SSBA Trade Rules   Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:59 am

-Most teams will have franchise players, rebuilding teams will not. You are allowed 2 trades per season, you can trade your franchise player but only for another franchise player and that will take your 2nd trade away.

- You can either use 2 trades with non franchises and then 1 at the deadline or 1 deal with a franchise and 1 at the deadline, If you trade your franchise player you will not have a deal until the deadline.

-You are allowed 1 deadline deal but it must be in the within 48 hours of the deadline anything earlier wont be accepted and the max amount of players u can move in this deal is 2 for 2.

- Franchise Players that have expiring contracts can be moved for anybody.

- You cannot trade players that you traded for until the next season and they have to have played in at least 30 games.

Here is the list of the teams franchise.

Atlanta Hawks - Horford
Boston Celtics - Rondo, Pierce
Charlotte Bobcats - None
Chicago Bulls - Rose, Noah
Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving
Dallas Mavericks - Dirk and Mayo
Denver Nuggets - Lawson, Iggy
Detroit Pistons - None
Golden State Warriors - Curry
Houston Rockets - Harden, Lin
Indiana Pacers - Paul George
LA Clippers - CP3, Blake
LA Lakers - Kobe, D12
Memphis Grizzlies - Rudy, Gasol
Miami Heat - Lebron, Wade
Milwaukee Bucks - Monta
Minnesota Timberwolves - Love, Rubio
New Jersey Nets - Dwill, Lopez
New Orleans Hornets - Davis
New York Knicks - Melo
Oklahoma City Thunder - Durant, Westbrook
Orlando Magic - None
Philadelphia Sixers - Jrue, Bynum
Phoenix Suns - Gortat
Portland Trail Blazers - Aldridge, Lillard
Sacramento Kings - None
San Antonio Spurs - Duncan, Parker
Toronto Raptors - none
Utah Jazz - Al Jeff, Favors
Washington Wizards - Wall

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PostSubject: Re: SSBA Trade Rules   Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:49 pm

beautiful perfect!!
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SSBA Trade Rules
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